The team

We were fortunate to grow together and develop into a great team being dancers, coaches, and friends alike. The liberty and openness we have been given by our coaches in turn, allowed us to gain experience in different areas. Today we are happy to be able to share our experience and knowledge with you.

Back in 2000, we, Holger and Jürgen, had a wonderful time in Miami, FL. From there we went to New York for further training and qualification in matters of Salsa.

This is where the idea to work together, combine our knowledge and take it further took shape. As a result, we presented our first rhythm concept CHA CHA CHA Rhythm and Sound.

Based on many years of experience as dancers and coaches, we succeeded in developing methods for other sports, too. In terms of posture and coordination, dance sport is the leading sport and thus destined to promote these abilities in other sports.

Our innovative products and the respective methods enable improving fine motor skills and movement efficiency.

One primary objective of our cooperation is to improve the quality of movement sequences, taking them to a higher level by working with our newly developed products and the respective movement software.

In 2011, we started the joint-venture business nnsquare (nitsche-neudeck). It is based in Germany (Buchenbach/Freiburg i.Br.).

Jürgen Neudeck

Jürgen Neudeck concluded his active dance career as a professional in 1996 after reaching the semi finals of both the European and the World Championships. His pedagogic-oriented professional career includes the coaching licence (A) DTV (German Dance Association), and the qualification to train dancing instructors for the ADTV (German Dance Teachers Association). In addition, he became a coach with the International Dance Teacher Association (IDTA) in England. Jürgen Neudeck also is an international adjudicator.

Holger Nitsche

Holger Nitsche is a multiple European and World Champion in Latin American dance. He ended his active dance career as a professional, in 1999. After completing vocational education and earning a university degree in P.E., he now works exclusively in dance sport. He enjoys an excellent reputation in Germany and worldwide as a licensed coach (A), as official coach of Baden Wurttemberg, as national coach for the DTV (German Dancing Association), as well as an international coach and adjudicator.

Video about nnsquare