Tonemeup elastic sport belt

10 belts

Feel your body tension!
The new concept for amateurs and professional athletes for improved posture and better movement with the TONEMEUP elastic sport belts, developed by us for this purpose

The TONEMEUP concept is a new training method developed by nnsquare working with the TONEMEUP elastic sport belts.

The concept consists of different arrangements of the TONEMEUP elastic sport belts on the body along with different exercises, which consecutively built on one another. A correct and efficient body posture is systematically built up from feet and ankles to the head.

The TONEMEUP elastic sport belt is a training device working on your posture, increasing flexibility and strengthening the body; it generally improves coordination of movement.

It is finally possible to feel what is so difficult likewise to teach and to learn: body tension!

Available in black or blue.


250,00 €
including VAT