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Our teaching and movement methods fit and complementary to nnsquare products.

MOVEMEBILITY® is the name of our teaching methods we have developed for our products over the years. Method and product combined yield a significantly increased body awareness in motion.

1. What to expect of MOVEMEBILITY®?

To date, we have developed two methods which may be applied in dancing, everyday life, and any other sport. Both methods can be used in practice as well as in competition conditions: 

  1. TONEMEUP-PRO®-method and TONEMEUP-PRO®-elastic sport belt with its particular applications
  2. RHYTHMECALITY® Rhythm-Lights 

All MOVEMEBILITY® methods are concerned with:

Body tension – posture – body rhythm

Good body tension, natural posture and a suitable body rhythm in motion are the basis for every kind of movement and sport. Our products and methods help increase the quality of motion.

MOVEMEBILITY® sets new standards in dancing and sport!


2. What is the objective of MOVEMEBILITY®?

It is the aim of our teaching methods to develop a better body awareness and a higher degree of efficiency in the respective sport. There is hardly a sport in recreational sport or professional sport in which our products cannot be applied.

MOVEMEBILITY® and its specialized products, TONEMEUP PRO® and RHYTHMECALITY®, is the first choice when you pursue a high standard of health oriented and efficient training!

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