Special additional information for our new TONEMEUP CLASSIC Elastic Sport Belt

We were able to present to you our new TONEMEUP CLASSIC Elastic Sport Belt of the 5th generation shortly before the end of the year. Fortunately the demand of our 4th generation Elastic Sport Belt was so high that we were sold out some weeks ago. The new bands have already arrived in Germany and thanks to your help and support the quality of our Elastic Sport Belts has raised to a new and higher level.

Perhaps the most important improvement has been achieved with the new revolutionary double ULTRASOUND closure technology. On the one hand, we placed the closure exactly in the middle of the band (between TONE and ME P) rather than at the upper end of the TO sling. This has the advantage that there are no more pressure points on the body. And on the other hand, the Elastic Sport Belt can no longer tear at the TO sling.

We have clearly and sustainably improved the TONEMEUP Elastic Sport Belt in the following areas:

  1. Design
  2. Double ULTRASOUND closure technology
  3. Enlargement of all slings, between 40 - 50%
  4. Widening around ca.4mm
  5. Extension between 27cm - 28cm
  6. New improved elasticity thanks to a new SPANDEX material 

All of these changes have resulted in increased elasticity with simultaneous improved stability.
Furthermore, it is now also possible to change the resistance more variable.

We are looking forward to presenting to you our new and high quality TONEMEUP Elastic Sport Belt of the 5th generation.

Here are our improvements and novelties presented in pictures:

1. New design of our TONEMEUP Sport Elastic Belt in black and blue base color. A significant increase of stability and flexibilty.


2. Our nnsquare logo on the back.


3. The new revolutionized double ULTRASOUND sealing technique. Now in the middle of the TONEMEUP Elastic Sport Belt - For your highest wearing comfort.


4. A clearly increased sling at TO of close to 50%. A simplification for all application around the shoulders, arms and legs.  And on top: no more pressure marks by using the TO - sling.

TONEMEUP Elastic Sport Belt 4. Generation → TO Sling 9-10 cm
TONEMEUP Elastic Sport Belt 5. Generation → TO Sling 27-28 cm


5. An increase of the smaller slings between 3 and 4 cm. A simplification for all application for the hands, wrists, feet and ankles.


6. An increase of the width of around 4mm. A enormous and important improvement of the elasticity and flexibility, especially when the new TONEMEUP Elastic Sport Belt is used with a maximum stretch!


7. FINALLY - For all tall people: You will love it. An extension over 27cm. The new TONEMEUP Elastic Sport Belt of the 5th generation has an overall length between 107cm and 108cm. This will give you the opportunity to have more range of resistance.