TONEMEUP is a training method for the entire body, developed by nnsquare and based on exercises with the TONEMEUP elastic sport belts.

Elastic Sport Belts

The TONEMEUP method uses the elastic sport belts.

The TONEMEUP elastic sport belt consists of a flexible nylon fibre of approx. 108 cm length that has been specially designed for use in sports with regard to stability and flexibility. The material is a special mix of elastic and solid fibres allowing stretching and strengthening at the same time.

A series of different-size slings and loops allow a great variety of applications on feet, hands and other body parts.

The exercises with the TONEMEUP belt are simple. They support coordinative improvement during workout phases. 


Due to the great variety of possible applications, a method with a great number of different exercises for the entire body has developed. Individual exercises with a maximum of five TONEMEUP belts can be carried out.

An elaborate system of application techniques allows systematically building-up exercises from feet, ankles, and legs to body centre, upper body, and spine to arms.

In this way, emphasis can either be placed on a particular body region or a complete body training can be carried out.



  • Systematic build-up of a correct and efficient body posture
  • Stretching and strengthening of the body
  • Improved coordination and more efficient economy of movement
  • Creating a link to the body centre with a constant basic tension
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