We generally believe that we have enough body tension. What it is about, though, is that the body tension in all muscles is balanced and not only in certain areas of the body, i.e. the upper body or the shoulders. In most sports and fitness exercises, body tension is a side effect achieved after a long training effort. People are still searching for the one method by which to acquire body tension quickly. In most cases, the body is either too tense or too slack.

When called to become aware of one’s body tension, we tend to think of too much tension and our body becomes tight. However, if one is unaware of one’s body tension, the body looks sunken in and lax. Sagging shoulders and a hunched back are common features.

The optimum can be found between the maximum and minimum. The aim is always the same: maintaining a body position or performing a movement correctly with minimal physical effort. The big challenge for all of us is to have just a little more tension in all muscles, and not to have too much tension in the large muscle groups and very little body tension. Slack arms and legs, weak hands and sagging shoulders aren’t very impressive. Our body tension plays a relevant part in how other people perceive us.

A balanced body tension in all muscles is the basis for an upright body and using it functionally sitting, standing, and in any kind of movement.


The muscles learn – the mind understands 

The TONEMEUP elastic sport belt is a product with a revolutionary method to make body tension the centre of every movement. In almost anything we do, body tension plays an important role. Whether at work, in everyday life, or during physical exercise demands on our bodies are high. It is usually only a matter of time until we realize just how high. Prerequisite for good body tension is a good awareness and understanding of your body. 

An understanding of body tension and posture are at the centre of the TONEMEUP method – from the very beginning.

A tension that runs through the entire body is our primary objective. Exercises neglecting body tension are counter-productive. With the right degree of tension in all muscles, movements can be carried out economically and in a coordinated manner. We have been working on this method for more than eight years now and are able to help any person with posture problems immediately. The method also helps to perfect an already good posture.


 Our primary objectives are:

 Balancing all muscles of the body,

  1. Learning new movement patterns with minimal physical effort,
  2. Presenting oneself confidently because of balanced body tension,
  3. Performing all movements with minimal effort after taking off the belts.

 We are convinced that body tension is the basis for any movement and not a side effect of intensive workouts!


The elastic sport belt is made of a specially developed elastic fabric. Most of the time, it lies directly on the muscles and/or connects the extremities (arms and legs). The ends are sown together in a way creating an elastic ring. Additional stitching divides the belt into seven loops of different size. Its combined length is between 80 cm (TMUP2014) and 108 cm (TMUP2018).

Quality and different sized loops are unique. Inscription on the loops is intended to facilitate different applications to the body.


The best way to describe these newly developed application techniques is to compare them with a “thrombosis stocking”. They exert permanent pressure on the muscles and increase blood circulation. During movement, joints are supported and guided thus preventing one-sided abrasion of the joints. The muscles are permanently stimulated and balance themselves during every movement. The body is motivated to straighten up and to perform complex movements with the correct posture. After the removal of the elastic sport belts, the muscles will copy the tension created earlier with the application techniques. In this way, posture will be improved with very little effort. This method can be applied in prevention, rehabilitation, and training. Back problems, spine problems, joint pains, etc. can be remedied. Muscles become highly sensible in coordination.


Using up to five Tonemeup elastic sport belts simultaneously

Most application techniques require a Tonemeup set consisting of two Tonemeup belts. They connect either the arms or the legs. Or they will be applied around the pelvis and connected to either shoulders or legs. The elastic belts will be applied in close contact to the body, thus creating pressure on the muscles.

Up to five different Tonemeup belts may be applied simultaneously combining different application techniques for legs and pelvis with application techniques for the arms or the upper body.

Tonemeup elastic sport belt + application technique → Tonemeup method 


The Tonemeup method is a hands-free kit

Compared with all other elastic bands and their concepts, our Tonemeup method is unique, because Tonemeup elastic sport belts are used during everyday business and recreational activities, whereas most other bands are used statically in special workouts. Posture, tension of the entire body, and muscle tone are trained and improved in known movements.

  1. The method can be applied to any
  2. It is the only method which conceptually places body tension and posture of the entire body in its centre.
  3. The different application techniques make your body do the right thing.
  4. Consequently, all movements will be carried out more consciously and with more intensity.

What makes our method so appealing are its numerous possibilities. There are no limits. The different application techniques enable using elastic sport belts in almost any sport.

Our special application techniques have been developed over eight years ensuring absolute freedom of movement during a training session, in everyday life, and even in the office.

To date, no other product is on the market which connects the entire body so easily, yet allowing full freedom of movement. Although many different posture straps for the upper body, especially for the thoracic spine and shoulders, are available they are only one module for an overall posture improvement. The pelvis connected to the legs and feet are the counterpart to the upper body. The other concepts and systems neglect this immensely important counterpart to the upper body entirely.

Our method enables instant perception of body tension and control in a movement in order to make it the basis of everything we do. This approach is what makes our method unique. Body awareness is created before we even start moving.

Misalignments in old movement patterns will instantly be discovered, new movement patterns will be learnt much quicker and more effectively.


Invest 1 hour per week in yourself

Al last, an extremely effective training is available which yields excellent results with very little expenditure of time! Well balanced body tension leads to noticeably better coordination of the muscles while being gentle on the joints. Quality of movement is achieved by simultaneous resistance against the elastic sport belts during movement or by following through the movement in the direction of tension.

Imagine a own weight workout, which is usually static. The different application techniques allow integrating this training philosophy into dynamic motion sequences.

  • A one-hour workout with the Tonemeup elastic sport belts per week will radically change your body.
  • One hour per week that is 15 minutes every other day yielding amazing results.
  • Or wear the Tonemeup elastic sport belts for 20 minutes 3 times a week during one of your training and fitness workouts or during any recreational activity.
  • Over time, your body will learn to imitate the resistance of the application techniques independent of the belts.

The advantages of the Tonemeup elastic sport belts:

  • You can take them everywhere.
  • You can train anywhere: at home, at work, travelling, working out at the health club or in any of the classes your health club offers…
  • It can be combined with anything you do.